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Evergreen Lake, the "Crown Jewel" of Denver Mountain Parks

The 420-acre Dedisse Park in Evergreen was acquired by Denver in 1919 for naturalists, picnic lunches, Bear Creek fishing and to attract tourists. Evergreen Lake, built by Denver in 1928 for recreation, is Evergreen’s most charming landmark. In the late 1970s, agreements between Denver, Evergreen Metro District (water), Evergreen Parks & Recreation District, and Jefferson County Open Space put the Evergreen districts in charge of a 75-year easement.

Open Space funding helped build the EPRD Lakehouse and trail around the lake. Evergreen Naturalists Audubon volunteers convinced the Army Corps of Engineers to preserve the wetlands at the west end of the lake.

The trail around the lake, partly board walk over wetlands where Redwing Blackbirds nest in the cattails, is maintained by EPRD.

At the base of Evergreen Dam, the water district installed a replica of Paul Revere sculpture and Evergreen Garden Club volunteers maintain a perennial garden. JeffCo Open Space and Transportation department built a walkway under the Hwy 73/74 intersection to access the "Heart of Evergreen" for food and shopping.