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Neighborhoods - I-70 Corridor: Mount Vernon Country Club

Unincorporated JeffCo, on Lookout Mountain
Golden zip code 80401


Mt. Vernon CC 1927
Clubhouse in 1927

Visitors to Lookout Mountain increased after the Lariat Trail was completed up from Golden in 1912. Denver established a Mountain Parks System from 1914 to 1922. Buffalo Bill was buried on Lookout Mountain in 1917. Wealthy Denver naturalists wanted to build summer cabins in the area. Mount Vernon Club Place was platted in 1922 by a summer recreation and entertainment resort developer. The clubhouse was built on the summit of Lookout at 7800 feet altitude. After 65 families built summer cottages, the developer turned the reins over to resident-members in 1926. “The Club” attracted hundreds of non-residential members to enjoy golf, tennis, croquet, ride horseback, hike, picnic, and food and entertainment.

Mt. Vernon CC 2002
Clubhouse in 2002

The golf course became pasture for wildlife during the 1930s. After World War II, more homes were built and MVCC homeowner association limited residential membership to 99 during the late 1950s. A swimming pool was built in 1960 (expanded in 2000) and clubhouse additions built during the 1970s and 1990s generated a prosperous event business. Tennis/swimming and social memberships are steady at approximately 3,500. Most 20-year, metro area residents have attended a reception, party, or business conference at the Club.

MVCC membership is the primary amenity for Lookout Mountain families that grew from 235 in 1948 to 1500 in 1998. Mount Vernon residential members established a Metropolitan District government in 1992. A fifty percent turnover of homeowners over the past ten years has resulted in younger families, including eighteen (of 100) with a parent that grew up there, went off to college and career, and returned to raise their children.

Traditions: Inclusive of thousands of visitors, members and their guests; Residents and social members are closely knit by history and continuted commitment to stewardship and preservation of the land.

Public JeffCo Schools: Ralston Elementary, Bell Middle and Golden High.

Real estate values: Nearly all of the original cottages have been renovated and expanded to range from $450,000 to $1.5 million.

Organized: The elected Metro District board manages the business as well as the neighborhood water, roads, and landscaping. During the 1990s, residents worked steadily to preserve thousands of acres of native land surrounding the Club for JeffCo Open Space to connect with the historic, 8-mile, Beaver Brook Trail above Clear Creek Canyon. Resident horse owners cooperate to rotate pasture land, purchase feed, and care for them. One resident volunteers a bi-monthly newsletter for the 100 families. Club management publishes a bi-monthly for the 3500 membership.

Amenities: Lunch, dinner and entertainment available Tuesday through Sunday; Tennis and swimming, entertainment, special events. Living within pristine land with plenty of wildlife and easy access to hiking trails. Lookout Mountain Nature Center, Cabrini Shrine and Buffalo Bill Museum is 2-3 miles east. Plus: Twenty minute commute to downtown Denver and 40-minutes to world class skiing. Minus: Maintenance of older buildings is a constant responsibility. Shopping is eight miles to Bergen Park, Golden, Applewood, or Lakewood. Change requires input of all 99 resident families.

Entrance to Mt. Vernon CC

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