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Jefferson County Neighborhoods:
Beverly Heights

A neighborhood full of surprises.

West of 6th Avenue and 19th Street in Golden

Below the School of Mines "M" illuminated on Mt. Zion is Beverly Heights, one of the first planned neighborhood communities in Golden. It was initially developed by a contractor who envisioned a hillside Nirvana. The 250-home neighborhood is a 10-minute walk to downtown Golden, a 15-minute drive to downtown Denver on 6th Avenue, 25 minutes to Boulder, and about the same to Idaho Springs on the way to Summit County ski resorts. Chimney Gulch Trail, developed in the 1880s to transport tourists up to Lookout Mountain, is in everyone’s backyard. It connects on Lookout Mountain with the Beaver Brook Trail that ends in Clear Creek County.

Entrance to Lariot Loop

Knowing that Denver was about to establish a mountain park system for tourists in 1910, Golden booster “Cement Bill” and his crew of horses and men built the historic Lariat Trail from 1911 to 1914. The scenic 4.6-mile road of 56 perfectly banked curves (seven hair-pins) rises 2000 feet in altitude from Beverly Heights to Buffalo Bill’s Grave. This first reliable route to Lookout Mountain is appreciated today by hikers, runners, bicyclists, and motorists.

home in Beverly HeightsIn 1955, a developer named Kelley purchased the land from Golden’s Ramstetter family and named the neighborhood after his daughter, Beverly. My family and I live in his house today, with several of the original homes lining Foothills Road. This has also been the home of Mr. Richard Ronzio who documented Colorado history with a photo collection now in the hands of Golden Landmarks Association.

Roy Hartsell built a spacious brick farmhouse in 1910. From 1950 until 1990, Robert and Eileen Allen lived in the home and the neighborhood became known as Allen’s Addition. In 1990, the home was purchased by seismologist Eric Bergman, and his landscape architect wife Susan Saarinen, the daughter of the architect that designed the St. Louis Arch!

Home in Beverly HeightsOther well known neighbors are architects, professors, poets, politicians, entrepreneurs, teachers, and homemakers. Carol Dickinson, former Executive Director of Foothills Art Center, and her husband, Don, have lived here for decades. She put Foothills on the national radar as a fine arts powerhouse. There are neighbors from Sweden, Trinidad, and Afghanistan. Virginia and Ernie Littler win the longevity award, having moved into the eighth house in March, 1958. Mark and Mary Crabtree are raising their family in the home Mark knew as his grandparents’ house before he purchased it from his grandmother

Recent political signage speaks of diversity but not animosity. We enjoy our similar interests and appreciate differences. There are no Homeowners’ Association or covenant controls. It is more like a Good Neighbors’ Association. Yards and homes are kept in shape and speak of each owners’ personality. Anyone in need of butter, babysitter, or gas for the mower couldn’t be in a better location. New neighbors are greeted warmly.

Word gets out when a mountain lion is spotted or a black bear wanders through someone’s backyard. The neighborhood was something of a food court for deer and elk 20 years ago. Their migratory paths have changed and our lilies, tulips, and hyacinths remain. A pack of coyotes may trot down the street late at night, fox roam by in midday, a bull elk sneaks sunflower seed out of a squirrel feeder.

Organized: No formal homeowner organization. An elected member of Golden City Council represents the community.

Traditions: Neighbors share holiday open houses and summer picnics at Beverly Heights Park. Some join together and stroll up the road to watch fireworks on the 4th of July when 19th Street is closed to traffic. Mines freshmen hike up to whitewash the rocks to refresh the "M." The American Cancer Society sponsors an annual walk/run up Lookout Mountain and bicyclists thrive on the uphill challenge of the historic Lariat Trail in almost any weather.

Real Estate Values: The current average time on the market is 10.5 days for homes priced at $400-$500,000.

Schools: Shelton Elementary, Bell Middle School, Golden High School, Colorado School of Mines.

Amenities: High quality Golden City government services, easy access to hiking, biking, and walking trails; wildlife watching; quick access to downtown Golden, Denver, Boulder, and the mountains.

Plus: Spectacular views of South and North Table Mountains; hang gliders flying overhead on nice weather days. Minus: Abundance of wildlife is not for everyone; high winds at times; serious need for a pedestrian bridge over 6th Avenue.

View from Beverly Heights

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