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"Having covered our plains with highways, factories and cities, having subdivided our hillsides into suburbs, having deepened and dammed up the rerouted our rivers to make seaways or sources of electric power, we have left only the ocean and the mountains to remind us of what we cannot do to the landscape." — A Lady’s Life in the Rocky Mountains 1873.


Since 1972, when Jefferson County voters approved a half-cent sales tax to fund open space, more than 55,000 acres have been preserved as 30 parks! Politicians that attempted to use the funds for other projects during the late 1970s and 1980s discovered that Open Space Program is a priority for 90% of citizens. Now the disagreements are among trail users (bike, hike, or horseback) from throughout the metro area. Meanwhile, JCOS keeps winning international awards for the outstanding program!


Jefferson County Open Space location maps and brochures are available at public libraries, the Taj Mahal, and Lookout Mountain Nature Center. Also available from JeffCo Open Space is the excellent booklet, "Little Known Jewels, Recreational Treasures in the Denver Metro Area." It was created with local, state & federal agencies to highlight some of the less crowded parks.


Northwest JeffCo—White Ranch Park: 19.7 miles of trails on 4,391 acres; west of Hwy 93 at West 56 Avenue; Van Bibber Creek meanders through wildlife preserve; meadows to geological formations.


Northwest JeffCo—Mount Galbraith Park: 4.7 miles of trails on 871 acres. Golden Gate Canyon Road from Hwy 93. Hiker only.


Northwest JeffCo—Centennial Cone: 3,369 acres north of Clear Creek Canyon. No public access.


Northwest JeffCo—Clear Creek Canyon: 3,265 acres north and south of Clear Creek Canyon. No public access except along creek banks.


Arvada—Van Bibber Park: 3.5 miles of trails on 134 acres; south of 58th Ave west of Ward Rd or west side of Indiana and 56th Ave.


Lakewood—Welchester Tree Grant Park: .2 mile trail on 18 acres;8th Avenue from Yank to Zang Streets. Historic grove of trees from 1878 Timber Culture Act, links to Welchester Elementary School.

Wheat Ridge—Crown Hill: 10.5 miles of trails on 242 acres, parking at 26th & Garrison. Wildlife refuse around Kestrel Pond, fishing in Crown Hill Lake, variety of trails for horses and hikers.


Golden/Lookout Mountain—Apex Park: 7.7 miles of trails on 661 acres, historic rugged rise from Heritage Square to Lookout Mountain Road; wooded streamside environment, broad vistas of metro area.

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