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View of Antenna Towers - Night

Lookout Mountain Antenna Tower Summation How broadcasters abused their power to pollute 50,000 people (Read More)

Mount Morrison Tower 6-year legal battle summation. (Read more)

• June 12, 2008: Senator Allard visits Supertower on Lookout Mountain... (Read more)

• June 1, 2007: Commissioners permit Supertower... (Read more)

• March 12, 2007: Jefferson County Approves Supertower... ( Read more )

• Denver TV stations use Colorado Senators to preempt local land use for profitable antenna towers... ( Read more )

Petition Rolled Out

• Denver TV channels 4, 7, 9, and 20 are keeping free over-the-air HDTV from the metro area... Also, results of 5-year study by Colorado State University department of environmental health confirms biological effects... ( Read more )

• In response to Lake Cedar Group negative advertising against Golden area citizens, volunteers developed a website with comprehensive information, including the land use history: www.HDTVhonestly.com/history.htm

Lake Cedar Group continues to bombard citizens and elected officials with “consolidated” Supertower propaganda (Read more)

• The 30-second broadcast TV ad that says "a SMALL GROUP of People is PREVENTING US from bringing you the benefits of free over-the-air digital television" is airing 15-25 times a day on four stations. The massive propaganda campaign proclaims… (Read more)

• On September 27, 2005, Jefferson County Commissioners rejected the proposed rezoning for a 730-foot Supertower on Lookout Mountain… (Read more)

LCG Commercial

• December, 2004: CARE and Golden appeals stall additional tower construction… (Read more)

• August, 2004: Viacom, McGraw Hill, & Gannett Corps again get approval for Vertical Antenna Mall. CARE and Golden appeal continues…
(Click here for more info and testimony summary)

• August, 2003: Viacom, McGraw Hill, & Gannett Corps get approval to double EMF pollution of Greater Golden area over extraordinary citizen testimony. (Click here for SUMMARY and TESTIMONY)

• August, 2004: Tribune’s KWGN-2 loses appeal to put DTV on non-conforming tower 339 feet from Buffalo Bill’s Grave. (Click here for more info and background links…)

• March 2004: District Judge backs county approval of Mount Morrison tower above Red Rocks Park. (Click here for more info, background & testimony links…)

• Broadcast Digital TV signals from Squaw Mountain received metrowide. A DTV antenna operating at only 2.4% of allowable power… signal was received as far away as 75 miles… (Read more)

• JeffCo TelCom Regulation "Housekeeping" charade. JeffCo Planner Nick Morgan (replaced by Steve Brown) uses lots of time and paper for low power, cell tower talk while high power broadcast proposals threaten health and safety. (Read more)

• Broadcasters most powerful lobby in U.S. All politicians are vulnerable to giving broadcasters anything they want… (Read more)

• Clear Channel forced to revise plans “King Kong” Clear Channel Communications want add radiation to a 0.2488-acre tower site within 450 feet of Western history site… (Read more)

• Rural Eldorado Mountain
JeffCo Commissioners deny proposal to expand rural tower site surrounded by preserved land… (Read more)

• Channel 9 Radar never permitted by FCC or JeffCo
Gannett Corporation’s KUSA-TV has apparently been operating a radar device on a Lookout Mountain tower since the late 1970s... (Read more)

• All broadcast tower sites need boosters to "cover" Denver metro
to manage over-the-air reception in mountain terrain. Compare 4 broadcast sites (Read more)

Citizen Collage

• JeffCo officials attempt to censor citizen testimony
Citizens were interrupted but former assistant county attorney Claire Levy (who advised the same Planning Commission until May, 1999) recommended more radiation on Lookout Mountain. Levy (a Boulder resident) then ran successfully for Colorado State Legislature (Read more)

• CSU will study effects of RF on Lookout Mountain humans
Researchers will study effects on melatonin production and other markers of biological response to non ionizing radiation on Lookout Mountain... (Read more)

• KCNC-Channel 4 Sues JeffCo for Denying DTV Transmitter
The Westinghous/Viacom station filed suit on April 19, 2001 to force JeffCo into allowing DTV on a 65-foot Lookout tower that would blast signals directly into a private homes… (Read more)

• National briefs:
Lawsuits on cell phone radiation health risks; EMR Network wants stricter RF/MW exposure guidelines; Award winning documentary film; New book“Cell Towers, Wireless Convenience? Or Environmental Hazard?”; Wireless cannot override Historic Preservation Rules… EPA admits effects of Chronic Exposure not considered... (Read more)

• No Visual Blight Caused by Squaw Mountain Communications Towers
Of the three tower sites on Squaw Mountain, the SMC private and Clear Creek County permitted site at 10,890 altitude “covers” Denver metro best… (Read more)

• Will Jefferson County participate in the 21st century?
More RF can create an 8-mile deadzone... (Read more)

• RF Radiation Mitigation Techniques
While the slow legal and political struggle continues, homeowners are searching for ways to protect their families… (Read more)

• RF Radiation Mitigation Techniques
While the slow legal and political struggle continues, homeowners are searching for ways to protect their families… (Read more)

• Brief history of Lookout Mountain Antenna Tower Struggle
“The Towers were there first” is a broadcaster perpetuated myth. Lookout has been “residential” area since 1870. There were 250 improved properties before the first tower was erected in 1952… (Click here for more info on the Antenna Tower Struggle… )

• Economic Terrorists say their “Grandfathered” land use overrules scenic & historic preservation and quality of life for adjacent land owners. (Read more)

• CARE files alleged County Commissioner corruption by Lake Cedar Group charges. (Click here for more information)


Will JeffCo Participate in 21st Century? More RF can create an 8-mile deadzone...

Extreme “adverse impact” of Chicago’s Tribune Corp towers

DTV signals can be received from just about anywhere

Denver Broadcasters resist telcom "Clarifications" of outdated 1993 Zoning Resolution

Towers Impact Historic Places

Economic Terrorism with Residential Towers

Comparison of 4 Broadcast Sites

Colorado Legislators Recommend JeffCo Denial of More Broadcast Antennas...

RF Radiation Mitigation Techniques

Brief History of Lookout Mountain Antenna Tower Struggle...

National Newsbriefs

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