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September 2001

Clear Channel Wants More on Lookout Mountain

A 0.2488-acre tower site, rezoned to Planning Development by JeffCo Commissioners in 1983, is now owned by $31 billion, “monopolistic, multimedia empire” (Westword) “King Kong” (Denver Post) Clear Channel Communications. In Colorado, Clear Channel owns eight radio stations: KBCO, KBPI, KFMD, KHOW, KIIX, KOA, KRFX, KTCL and KTLK.

The tower is east of the historic Lariat Trail (Lookout Mountain Road), about 200 feet north of the Tribune/Channel 2 tower complex. Both sites are within 250 feet of Buffalo Bill’s Grave, which receives 500,000 visitors annually. The road, Lookout Mountain Park, Pahaska Lodge and grave are listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.

Right: Actor at Buffalo Bill's Grave demonstrates proximity of
Channel 2, Channel 50 and Clear Channel towers.

Clear Channel radio engineers met with CARE attorney Deb Carney, engineer Al Hislop and Buffalo Bill Museum director Steve Friesen on September 27, 2001. The company wants to “upgrade” the current transmitter building and “consolidate antennas” on the Lookout Mountain tower which now holds a transmitter for one FM radio station that operates at 30% to comply with radiation limits.

On October 2, Carney provided JeffCo with a detailed written analysis of the ODP that would cause denial of site expansion. Efforts by Tribune Corporation and Public Radio stations to reduce radiation by adding more have not been successful. Compliance with land boundaries of the Clear Channel site are also questionable. The transmitter building appears to be partially on public JeffCo Open Space land.

According to 8/23/01 Westword article, “Taking on the EMPIRE,” Clear Channel owns 1,200 radio stations in the U.S., several hundred more radio stations in 45 countries, 19 television stations, over 700,000 billboards and related advertising forums and Clear Channel Entertainment, which sponsors 26,000 events annually (attended by 62 million people).

Investigations have uncovered performing artists “bullied” by CCE to contract concerts only with them. The music of those who contract with a competitor becomes blacklisted on Clear Channel radio stations.

According to Westword, “The company has also earned a reputation for ruthlessness and ethically debatable activities that raise eyebrows and hackles, even among industry veterans who thought they’d seen it all.” Denver media have publicized Clear Channel Entertainment, the company’s concert division, attempt to control Denver’s Red Rocks Park.

The company features ultra-conservative personalities Rush Limbaugh and Dr. Laura Schlessinger and is owned primarily by Lowry Mays, a close personal Texas friend of ex-president George Bush.

• Many documents and details are available at www.c-a-r-e.org.