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There are three tower sites on Squaw Mountain in Clear Creek County: 1) three towers at the summit leased by U.S. Forest Service for TV Channel 12 and an estimated 80 two-way & microwave RF devices; 2) one privately-owned, short tower on 0.10 acre off County Road 422 ; and 3) three towers on 30 acres at 2109 County Road 422 , Idaho Springs owned by Squaw Mountain Communications (Tom Baran) which was established in the 1940s.

Altitude: 10,800 feet

Visual Impact: Zero

Paint, Lighting: Not necessary. High altitude allows towers to function below 200 feet height.

Wildlife & Recreation Impact: Surrounded by national forest, not a publicized, designated recreation area.

Population at same or higher within 3 miles radius: 0

Total Population within 3 miles Radius: 593 residents

National Historic Registered public sites within 3 miles: 0

Existing Effected Radiated Power: 0.629 Megawatts from two broadcast transmitters and 200+ “low power” devices.

RF Interference with Research Facilities: None

Access: Highway 103 to County Road 422, no more than 7% rise, maintained 365 days. Daily access not necessary as radio frequencies (RF) are managed with point-to-point microwave devices from Denver offices or engineer’s residence to devices on the tower. Helicoptor access available since 1990.

Zoning: Approved Official Development Plan (ODP) for three tower sites in 1990; established in early 1940s.

Zoning Violations: Never cited

Wind/Weather: Site is east and 600 feet below the summit, which takes most wind; There has been no reported ice damage.

Metro Population Coverage: 2,600,000

Best Known coverage: KYGO-FM (#1 in Denver metro) and KXPK-FM.

Coverage Shadow areas: Base of foothills—Golden, Boulder, West Lakewood, East Green Mountain, Morrison, West Ken Caryl. (see RF Coverage in mountain terrain)

Repeaters/translators needed: 2 to 3 to fill shadowing.

On-site Engineer residence: since 1960.

Assessed value of site: $327,940.

Real Estate Property Tax: $ 3,228.

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Below: Red circle shows 3-mile radius around antenna tower site.