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Two towers north of the Mt. Morrison summit, accessed at 2504 So. Grapevine Road (between Riva Chase/Lininger Mountain and Idledale). First tower erected by the City of Denver for emergency relay signals in the 1960s later used for cable TV relay. Second 300-foot tower approved in 1988.

Altitude: 7,881 feet

Visual Impact: one 300-foot tower and one 180-foot tower

Paint, Lighting: The 300-foot tower is painted and lighted.

Wildlife & Recreation Impact: Surrounded by popular JeffCo Matthew-Winters, Windy Saddle, Mount Falcon, & Hogback Open Space Parks and Denver’s Red Rocks Park.

Population at same or higher within 3 mile radius: estimated 650.

Total Population within 3 mile radius: estimated 3,250.

National Historic Registered public sites within 3 miles: Red Rocks Park, Amphitheatre, & Trading Post, Morrison Historic District and Dinosaur Ridge which is part of designated “Colorado Natural Area.”

Existing Effected Radiated Power: 12.6 Megawatts

RF interference with Research Facility: National Renewable Energy Laboratory and Colorado School of Mines facilities.

Access: Unpaved road, steep and sharp switchbacks that cannot be accessed by fire trucks in “continuous motion.” Daily access not necessary as radio frequencies (RF) are managed with point-to-point microwave devices from Denver offices or engineer’s residence to devices on the towers. Helicoptor access possible.

Zoning: Agriculture-1, Special Use approved 1987. Additional or higher towers require Jefferson County approval.

Zoning Violations: BCD was cited in 1999 for adding devices to the 150-foot tower. Litigation was dropped while BCD proposes tower replacement.

Wind/Weather: High winds possible; no public reports of ice damage.

Metro Population Coverage: 2,600,000

Coverage Shadowing: Boulder, Broomfield W, Golden, Lakewood NW, Ken Caryl, Green Mountain.

Best Known coverage: KIMN-FM and TV Channels 14, 20, 23, 59, 63.

Repeaters Needed: 4 to 5 to fill shadowing.Channel 20 utilizes 9 repeaters in the metro area. KIMN utilizes three boosters in metro area.

On-site Engineer residence: None

Assessed value of site: $315,800.

Real Estate Property Tax: $8,003.

For more about Mt. Morrison towers, see “Channel 6 Wants to Expand Mount Morrison Towers”

Below: Green circle shows 3-mile radius around Mt. Morrison antenna tower site.