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One tower on a 40-acre site at 11534 Plainview Road in Jefferson County. The rural site is adjacent to the southern boundary of Boulder County. It is 6.2 air miles from, and 2,500 feet above, the City of Boulder. Established in 1982.

Altitude: 8,320 feet

Visual Impact: 0

Paint, Lighting: Not necessary. Proposed 450-foot tower must be painted and lighted at night.

Wildlife & Recreation Impact: Surrounded by Jefferson County and Boulder County Open Space and Eldorado State Park.

Population at same or higher within 3 miles radius: 0

Total Population within 3 mile radius: 850

National Historic Registered public sites within 3 mile radius: 0

Existing Effected Radiated Power (ERP): 0.174 Megawatts from two broadcast and 300+ “low power” devices.

RF Interference with Research Facility: National Institute Standards Technology “Quiet Zone” in City of Boulder.

Access: Steep, gravel road with some sharp switchbacks. Easily accessed with “continuous motion” by cement trucks in 1987. Daily access not necessary as radio frequencies (RF) are managed with point-to-point microwave devices from Denver offices or engineer’s residence to devices on the tower. Helicoptor access available.

Zoning: Agriculture-1, Special Use. Additional or higher towers require Jefferson County approval.

Zoning Violations: One short, rooftop tower was cited for lack of permit in 2001.

Wind/Weather: Vulnerable to high winds and ice damage.

Metro Population Coverage: 2,600,000

Best Known coverage: KBCO-FM

Coverage Shadow areas: Golden, West Lakewood, South & East Green Mountain, Ken Caryl (see RF Coverage in Mountain terrain).

Repeaters/translators needed: 3 to 5 to fill shadowing.

On-site Engineer residence: since 1982.

Assessed value of site: $413,590.

Real Estate Property Tax: $9,115.

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Below: Red circle shows 3-mile radius around antenna tower site.