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Lake Cedar Group continues to bombard citizens and elected officials with “consolidated” Supertower propaganda

Lake Cedar Group, LLC (Denver TV Channels 4, 7, 9, and 20) pays public relations consultant Steve Grey to campaign for the Supertower at every Golden City Council study session, public hearing, and public meeting. Grey presents the same propaganda used in television and direct mail advertising, which claims “a small group of people on Lookout Mountain” are keeping free over-the-air HDTV from the public.

After Grey’s speech on August 24, 2006, Golden and Lookout Mountain citizens presented some cold facts about radio frequency (RF) interference caused by antenna electromagnetic radiation. Retired Golden resident (40 years as a nuclear safety and radiation standards professional) Dr. Roger Mattson presented a recent article published in the August, 2006 IEEE (International Electronics & Electrical Engineering) Microwave magazine.

Matson read: “Shielding against interference caused by antennas, microwaves and other wireless radio frequency devices is becoming a serious problem… Electromagnetic noise caused by mobile communication systems and other sources constitutes an important social problem due to its environmental effects… Electromagnetic pollution has been categorized as a new form of pollution, one as detrimental to society as air and water pollution.” Mattson praised Golden City Council for protecting their residents and businesses against additional RF proliferation beyond the 1000 radio frequency devices operating on residential-zoned lots on Lookout Mountain that impact 50,000 people within a five mile radius.

Lookout Mountain resident Al Hislop (34-year electrical engineer of RF & microwaves) presented more facts. Hislop presented Lake Cedar Group's 2003 RF report, showing their increased power would cause an RF increase for nearby neighborhoods. “Even with directional antenna patterns, the main beams of the antennas point directly into residences, yet Lake Cedar Group's advertising propaganda ignores this and claims RF will decrease with its consolidated tower.” In April 2006, Jefferson County measurements verified a hot spot 125% of the Federal/County limit. The same spot has repeatedly exceeded the limits. “Playing a "cat-and-mouse" game when discovered, the stations temporarily turn down their power, then later bring the RF power back up.”

Golden resident Leslie Markovchick questioned the need for a 730 foot tower and 20,000 sq. ft. building, in the mountain backdrop that taxpayers have paid $50 million to preserve, when four TV stations need a 200 foot tower and 4,000 sq.ft. building for HDTV broadcasting. “How would they utilize 530 more tower feet and 16,000 more building sq. ft. than necessary? Are they proposing a verticle mall for rent that could triple radiation in the area?” She is also concerned Denver news media have never provided in-depth, unbiased, reporting on possible harmful RF effects. “With eight broadcast antenna tower sites serving the Denver metro area, why triple radiation in the greater Golden area when fewer than ten percent of viewers receive TV over-the-air?”

City Councilman Joe Behm wondered if RF interference from the Lookout Mountain antenna towers causes voices on his home computer and electronic failure of a new amplifier and new microwave. Councilman Jacob Smith said, “Mr. Grey is paid by a conglomerate of media corporations that do not care about people.” Mayor Chuck Baroch told of his many years in the nuclear power industry. “We watched explosions in Nevada assuming it was safe and found out later it was very dangerous.” Councilwoman Karen Oxman suggested that Mr. Grey present his speeches at Jefferson County Commissioner public meetings.

Denver news media has withheld the fact that Lookout Mountain is NOT the BEST site. With easy access to residential-zoned lots (some sold by JeffCo Commissioners in the 1950s), the extreme antenna tower proliferation was ignored. Broadcasting from Squaw Mountain, Mt. Morrison, Eldorado Mountain, Chief Mountain, Ft. Lupton, and the Prudential Plaza building offers excellent coverage of the Denver metro area. Antenna tower permits for those sites would allow LCG digital antennas but without huge profit from renting 530 tower feet proposed for Lookout Mountain where they have controlled politicians for 50 years.

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