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Denver TV channels 4, 7, 9, and 20 are keeping free over-the-air HDTV from the metro area by insisting on the most profitable tower site. Corporate media conglomerates formed Lake Cedar Group, LLC, to gain a massive tower for huge rental profits. Denver television ads, print editorials, and direct mail blame citizens without stating the health, safety, and welfare impact on 50,000 people.

Thousands of citizens have taken a stand to protect their families and businesses from more than 1000 radio frequencies now polluting the area from 40+ towers on Lookout Mountain. Corporate media propaganda claims they want to “consolidate” towers, when the proposed Supertower enterprise would add more pollution to the Greater Golden area. Too many antennas are the problem, not “towers.”

Corporate broadcast tv, radio and wireless services control the FCC. Citizens are busy working, raising families, and serving their communities without money to burn on tv ads to protect themselves. So, some qualified citizens volunteered more of their time and expertise to develop an honest website of basic information about the Supertower without hype and spin: 9 FCC coverage maps of broadcast antenna tower sites serving Denver metro; history of Lookout Mountain; brief video interviews of experts with health concerns; the economic impact on Jefferson County from extreme interference with cell phones and wireless internet access; and much more.

Lake Cedar Group’s www.hdtvcolorado.com website is packed with spin produced by corporate media/ There are huge bonuses available for professional consultants, politicians, journalists, planners, etc. if they convince three Jefferson County Commissioners to approve their profitable Supertower in 2007. Citizen volunteers hope the Commissioners realize LCG is keeping free over-the-air HDTV from the public when they review facts at www.HDTVhonestly.com

Health Effects from Radio Frequency Radiation?

A five year study of 300 Lookout Mountain residents by Colorado State University department of environmental health confirms biological effects from the 1000-plus radio frequencies operating at the east summit of their neighborhood. The study is consistent with the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety held in Italy in February, 2006.

Attending scientists endorsed a resolution that there are adverse health effects from public exposure to electric, magnetic and nonionizing radiation and “resources for assessment are grossly inadequate despite the explosive growth of technologies for wireless and broadcast communications – in addition to power transmission.” While proposing a massive Supertower for many more antennas on Lookout Mountain over the past six years, Lake Cedar Group has consistently testified that “nonionizing radiation never causes adverse health effects.”

Communication Revolution
www.freepress.net | www.PRwatch.org/fakenews

Members of www.freepress.net receive a “non-destructive static cling sticker for newspaper boxes, TVs, radios, bus stop ads, and other places to bring attention to our broken media system”:

This device may dispense corporate media that
lacks the diversity, skepticism and independent
points of view required in a democracy.

Denver mass media toes the establishment corporate line. But, media is spreading out. More people tune in to satellite radio and their ipods. Cable and satellite serve more than 90% of Denver households and are expanding. The Internet is more powerful than all of television.

Denver Post TV critic Joanne Ostrow warns that broadcast “TV’s going cheap and cheaper.” The networks prefer quiz shows to professionally produced sitcoms, documentaries or made-for-tv movies. Google’s acquisition of YouTube has broadcast desperately seeking free videos.

While the FCC investigates “indecent” broadcast TV, research solicited by the FCC on media quality after consolidation was covertly shredded in 2004. Analysis of local media reporting by the Pew Foundation’s Project for Excellence in Journalism indicated media accountability and “localism” ends with mergers. According to the weekly PBS news documentary show NOW, Senator Barbara Boxer of California ordered public hearings for the five FCC commissioners to be confronted with citizens informing them that when “the number of commercial radio and television stations are owned by one corporation in one market,” the quality and variety of “news” ends. Gannett Corporation owns Denver TV channels 9 and 20. Adding several radio stations and a daily newspaper would cut staff and spread advertising for higher profit. Broadcast TV wants viewers to tune them in on cell phones and profit from multiple wireless services.

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