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Golden City Council Resolution 9/11/03

Opposing the rezoning of property on Lookout Mountain by Jefferson County to Accommodate a New Broadcast tower and Authorizing Litigation:

  • WHEREAS, numerous area residents and citizens of Golden have communicated their concerns to City Council (that the tower)… would increase levels of radiation in Golden; and
  • WHEREAS, the residents and citizens have urged the City to take legal action to challenge Jefferson County’s decision to accommodate the tower; and
  • WHEREAS, the City has been advised of the potential detrimental health impacts upon area residents and Golden citizens in the vicinity of the tower; and
  • WHEREAS, such potential health issues merit further and thorough investigation before placement of the tower on Lookout Mountain; and
  • WHEREAS, major federally funded study by Colorado State University on the effects of radio frequency radiation exposure on residents in the vicinity of the tower is being conducted and should provide definitive data on the health issues; and
  • WHEREAS, City Council has been advised of the effects of broadcast interference from the tower on high tech businesses and sensitive equipment at the Colorado School of Mines, prompting some businesses to make expensive adjustments to instruments and equipment or to relocate beyond the areas of interference; and
  • WHEREAS, the City, through staff and Council members, had identified and communicated these health concerns and business interference problems to the County Commissioners during the rezoning process, but these issues were not address; and
  • WHEREAS, based upon the County’s land use requirements, the City has legal concerns with the process exercised by the Commissioners during their consideration of the rezoning matter, including the refusal to consider alternative sites and the acceptance and reliance upon data filed by The Lake Cedar Group very late in the rezoning process; and
  • WHEREAS, the value of real property is threatened to be diminished by Jefferson County Commissioner approval of the rezoning; and
  • WHEREAS, City Council has the responsibility to use its resources to serve as an advocate to protect and maintain the health safety and welfare of its citizens and the Golden community.


  • The City Attorney, the City’s special counsel, Mr. John Putnam, and the City Manager and his staff are hereby authorized and directed to take all actions, including litigation, to oppose the decision by the Jefferson County Commissioners to allow the broadcast tower on Lookout Mountain by The Lake Cedar Group and to affiliate and associate with such persons, groups and parties as they deem appropriate in such actions.
  • Before the Resolution was unanimously adopted, public testimony was provided by Dr. Roger Mattson, Carolyn Bartels, Professor Gary Olhoeft, Professor Bach, Margaret Brown, Dr. Stephen Frankel, and others. There is no need to post a bond to stop construction of the tower because Golden is a Colorado Home Rule municipality.

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