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Mount Morrison Appeal continues

On March 15, 2004, District Judge Stephen Munsinger denied CARE’s appeal of County Commissioner approval of an antenna web design and 14,000 square foot building on Mount Morrison.

CARE attorney Deb Carney filed the initial appeal in 2003. Private donors in Genesee have hired Richard Westfall of Hale, Hackstaff and Friesen to take the appeal to the Colorado Court of Appeals. Westfall is preparing a legal brief due September 29, 2004. With both sides given 30 days for replies, the decision may be delayed until 2005. Since there is no injunction in place, construction could have begun in April.

The Mount Morrison antenna tower design would pollute historic Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre and homes to the east and Lininger Mountain, Riva Chase and Genesee Foundation area to the west.

JeffCo’s permit is issued to Bear Creek Development and Public Interest Communications (Channel 6). KRMA Channel 6 has not withdrawn membership in Lake Cedar Group, which gained rezoning approval for a Supertower on Lookout Mountain in 2003. Litigation by CARE and the City of Golden does not allow construction of 730 foot tower and 20,000 square foot building until the case is decided, probably also in 2005.

Road to Mount Morrison antenna tower

March, 2004 update by Al Hislop

Without obtaining permits or notifying Jefferson County, Bear Creek Development Corporation began blasting and widening the hairpin turns on the switch-back road to the antenna towers on Mt. Morrison above historic Red Rock Park. This road is on an easement on JeffCo Open Space property.

This most recent behavior is consistent with BCD’s policy to "build now and apologize later" or file another proposal that could dismiss the illegal land use. Jefferson County appears to be continuing its policy of "roll over and play dead."

Fire truck apparatus cannot access the existing road to Mount Morrison. The grade is 12% to 25%, sharp hairpins, and narrow width do not comply with International Fire Codes.

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