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JeffCo Commissioners again approve Broadcast Supertower

August 12 & 17, 2004: These two hearings complied with Judge Brooke Jackson’s 3/26/04 order to reopen Supertower testimony. Trusting the democratic process, citizens again filled Hearing Room One at the Taj Mahal to urge their elected representatives to protect them from industrial pollution to benefit corporate profits. Many of them have attended 32 antenna tower hearings and countless meetings since 1999. Maybe" just maybe this time" the County Commissioners would do the right thing for citizens" JeffCo Commissioners again pretended to listen to their citizens impacted by the industrial complex, then approved the rezoning again as "nothing has changed" from August, 2003.

Lake Cedar Group labels the 730-foot tower, held up with 3 inch thick guyed wires, and 20,000 square foot building a "consolidation." Since the supertower will be 30 feet wide with no limit on devices on it, residents believe the permit is for a massive increase for a "vertical antenna mall." An injunction gained by Golden and CARE to prevent construction is still in effect as the appeal goes back to Jackson for ruling.

The media consortium represents KCNC-Ch 4 (Viacom), KMGH-Ch 7 (McGraw Hill), KUSA-Ch 9 (Gannett), and KTVD-Ch 20 (Twenver, now operating on Mount Morrison). The corporations have spent an estimated $5 million since 1998 (enough to acquire a non-populated alternative site) to gain rezoning for unlimited future profits from space rental on Lookout Mountain. Hired PR professionals covertly managed to provoke Boulder and Clear Creek County citizens to protest against approval of towers on Eldorado (in JeffCo at the border with Boulder) and Squaw Mountain (in Clear Creek County) and paid industry-employed people to testify in favor of the Supertower.

Citizens impacted directly by this proposal (30,000 Greater Golden population within five miles) testified against the ugly visual impact; lower property values; more; RF interference with electronic devices; possible health and safety effects from an increase of radiation to the north, east and south; tower and ice fall onto homes; possible diesel fuel contamination of an acquifer below storage tank; and better coverage on shorter towers at higher altitudes is an available alternative. Citizens are especially outraged that they are being sacrificed for this an unnecessary "vertical antenna mall" that will serve less than 3% of viewers that receive TV over the air.

Lake Cedar Group intends to save on tower rental for their stations on land owned by the corporations and gain unlimited millions in profit from renting space to others. The corporations that own 4, 7, 9, and 20 want an expedient solution for replacing outdated towers with high technology. Corporate paid "experts" that claim there are no "known" health effects, the tower is not likely to fall; the underground diesel tank will be monitored, and alternative sites are not as suitable as Lookout Mountain.

September 7, 2004: Lake Cedar Group is using every means possible to gain legal approval from Judge Jackson before two new County Commissioners are elected in November, 2004. All Commissioner candidates, the City of Golden and CARE are commited to prevent construction of the Supertower.

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