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LCG Underground Diesel Storage could contaminate Aquifer & Reservoir

At the Lookout Mountain Water District Board hearing February 9, 2004, CARE attorney Deb Carney said the Board "has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the water supply from diesel contamination. According to testimony on July 1, 2003 by Richard Veghte, once diesel fuel tanks leak and contaminate ground water, it is extremely difficult to clean up and restore damaged property" He told the Commissioners that above ground diesel tanks owned by Channel 4 and Channel 9 have leaked so badly in the Cedar Lake area, they had to be removed" LCG is a Limited Liability Company based in Delaware" It would claim no responsibility for JeffCo’s permission to potentially contaminate a public water supply."

The rezoning for polluting industrial use, approved by JeffCo Commissioners Sheehan, Lawrence, and Holloway includes a 20,000 gallon diesel fuel underground tank installed in decomposed granite. Veghte testified, "Tanks in this type of terrain eventually leak." The tank would be 1000 feet above a major earthquake fault line and the Water District’s lower reservoir that serves Westminster.

The Lookout Mountain Water Board is deeply concerned that a fossil fuel leak would contaminate lower elevations from Kinney Run (a gulch), and bring action by federal agencies against the District and consequently, its 550 residential family customers.